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"Fat girl. Fat thighs.
Fat girl, Fat fries.
Fat girl, fat bits of chocolate.
Fat girl, fat scraps.
Fat girl, lose some weight.
Fat girl, how about joining the gym?
Fat girl, exercise is free.
Fat girl, exercise is fun.
Fat girl, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
Fat girl seriously doubts that.
Fat girl, should you be eating that?
Fat girl, you’re just adding to your back fat.
Fat girl, isn’t that too small for you?
Fat girl, are you sure they have that in your size?
Fat girl, it’s not that hard.
Fat girl, just stop eating.
Fat girl, your friends are so skinny.
Fat girl, shall we go running?
Fat girl, here try these dieting pills.
Fat girl, you should drink water.
Sure, like fat girl is just going to drink her fat away.
Fat girl, you should walk there.
Fat girl, or maybe run there?
Fat girl, oh no don’t take a bus it’s just five minutes away.
Fat girl, are you already tired?
Fat girl, god you must be exhausted.
Fat girl is that sweat?
Fat girl, look I’ve told you stop eating.
Fat girl, look at this girl you should look like.
Fat girl, ew your thighs touch.
Fat girl, you bring the meaning to love handles.
Fat girl, you shouldn’t eat a muffin when you already have one.
Fat girl, are you sure you want a second helping?
Fat girl, fat fingers.
Fat girl, can you even see your feet.
Fat girl, you can do it!
Fat girl, but people care about you.
Fat girl knows,
Fat girl understands.
Fat girl, big fat fake smile.
Fat girl, tries to stop every night.
Fat girl, tries to resist every bite.
Fat girl is tired of hearing the same shit every night.
Fat girl, bad bulimic.
Fat girl can’t even throw up right.
Fat girl, fat comments.
‘Fat girl should just die’ Believe me,
Fat girl has tried."
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My mind is never silent

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One day i’m gonna be size zero.


sometimes i wish i was a cat. sleep, eat, play every day and have no worries about war, boys and weight


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"Push yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you"
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